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JUST SAY NO - An important message from U.S. attorney Robert Lieff to passengers on the Costa Concordia on 1/13/12

Urgent Update, 24 July 2014: We are advising our U.S. Costa Concordia clients not to accept the offer being made from the cruise line company, and to immediately refer all calls from the company to their lawyers. For further information, please feel free to contact the Global Justice Forum at

The Costa Concordia Disaster

"Concordia lawsuits face rough sailing" (The Seattle Times, Jan. 27, 2012)

"While the parent company of the owner of the stricken Costa Concordia is based in Miami, passengers who want to file a lawsuit in U.S. courts over the cruise ship disaster will likely face choppy seas. That's because ... the ticket contract includes what's known as a 'choice of forum' clause stating that lawsuits must be filed in Italy."

Read the full article on the Seattle Times website.

The "Disaster Waiting to Happen" (Der Spiegel)

On January 13, 2012, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia partially sank after hitting a reef off the Italian coast and running aground at Isola del Giglio, Tuscany. The maritime disaster required the evacuation of 4,197 people on board. In the course of events following the grounding and partial sinking of the ship, at least 16 people died, including 15 passengers and one crewman. At least 64 others were injured (three seriously) and 17 are missing.

Costa Concordia - The Disaster Waiting to Happen

The ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, had deviated from the ship's computer-programmed route in order to treat people on Giglio Island to the spectacle of a close sail-past. He was later arrested on preliminary charges of multiple manslaughter, failure to assist passengers in need and abandonment of ship. First Officer Ciro Ambrosio was also arrested.

Twice the size of the Titanic by tonnage, the Costa Concordia is the largest passenger ship in history to sink. Industry analysts believe the vessel to be a constructive total loss (en Italiano).

More Information and The Legal Rights of Victims and Their Families

The Global Justice Forum Maritime Law Consortium brings the expertise of lawyers from 35 countries across six continents to the benefit of victims of this colossal maritime disaster. For more information on their legal rights, victims of this tragedy and the families of those who perished are welcome to contact the Global Justice Forum via email to, or by using our website contact form, or by contacting any of the Consortium members listed at the left via the contact information under their names.

More information on the legal rights of victims of the Costa Concordia partial sinking disaster